Spring Time & Bud Break at Seven Springs

Somehow, it’s already almost May. Wild mustard, radish and the valley’s staple crimson clover are in bloom. Cherry trees lining the driveway start to bud out and make way for beautiful rose-colored flowers. Something else is budding out, too.

The weather is warming and sap is flowing within the vines. They have awoken from winter dormancy, and have started to push out their first set of tiny green leaves to encourage photosynthesis and subsequent growth. This act of budburst is a sign of energy and vitality within the vines, and it’s hard to observe this process without feeling hope and excitement for what’s to come... in the vineyard and otherwise.

A Flourishing Botanical Garden

We’ve been working on a new biodynamic botanical garden, where we grow chamomile, valerian, dandelion and yarro. The botanicals in the garden enhance microbial activity in the production of compost. 

New Residents at Seven Springs

If you follow us on social media, you may have already gotten a sneak preview of our new residents - chickens! AJ has been caring for the chickens at the vineyard house, and they just last weekend enjoyed their first experience out in the vineyard. Soon, they will occupy a lovely red chicken coop on the estate grounds, and we’ll have eggs by summer. 

Biodynamic Farming in Spring 

In late winter, we joined together to prepare the biodynamic preparation 500 by burying cow horns filled with manure in the ground. The mixture will have decomposed during the winter, creating a dark humus. Soon, now that there is growth on the vine, we will recover that preparation, stir it, and spray it over the vineyard soil to nourish the vines and stimulate activity. 

Nature is alive at Seven Springs in many ways and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourselves. We are happy to say we are once again receiving visitors at the vineyard, and you can click here to book a visit using the TOCK app. See you soon!