Our Go-To Summer Sippers (Plus Sashi’s Spritz Recipe!)

Summertime calls for thirst quenching wines, served with a chill, and paired perfectly with summer’s bounty. We rounded up every wine that fits the bill from our Seven Springs Rosé to our surprisingly delicious White Pinot Noir. Stock up on summer sippers and save on shipping when you order six-or-more bottles.


Evening Land winemaker Sashi Moorman is known to whip up a delicious Spritz when summer temperatures kick in. Using Evening Land’s delicious 2019 Seven Springs Pét Nat Pinot Noir, here is Sashi Moorman’s Spritz recipe.


1 Orange

Orange Bitters

Seven Springs Pét Nat Pinot Noir (buy here)

Contratto Aperitif (or Campari)

Club Soda (or Seltzer)


Peel an orange zest and place it in a wine glass. Add a few dashes of Orange Bitters. In a tumbler with ice, add 2 parts Evening Land Pét Nat & 1 part Contratto (or Campari).Stir until icy and strain into the wine glass. Add a few ice cubes and a splash of Club Soda. Gently stir and enjoy!