With a limitless passion for viticulture and winemaking, Sashi Moorman has earned a reputation as one of the New World’s brightest and most compelling winemakers. As is the case for many, Sashi’s deep passion for food brought him into the world of wine. Post-college studies, Sashi cooked professionally in Washington D.C. and New York, though a newfound interest in wine pushed him to Ojai, California, where he worked for five years under the tutelage of celebrated winemaker Adam Tolmach at The Ojai Vineyard. 

Sashi eventually left Ojai to take on the prestigious winemaker role at Stolpman Vineyards, a role that is heavily credited for putting that Santa Barbara winery on the map due to a series of acclaimed wines. In 2009, Moorman set out on his own and founded Provignage, a small, full-service wine company that assists with all aspects of ecological and natural approaches to viticulture and winemaking. Provignage is based in Lompoc, CA.

Sashi’s holistic vineyard views were shared by Raj Parr, and upon meeting, the pair blossomed a tight friendship over a number of years. Compelled by their dedication to these values, Sashi and Raj founded Sandhi in 2011, followed by Domaine de la Côte in 2013. Today, the duo owns vineyards and produces wine in Oregon’s Willamette Valley at Evening Land Vineyards. 

In addition to his ongoing viticultural work, Sashi and his wife, Melissa, own a small winery (Piedrasassi) and bakery in the heart of Santa Barbara. Along with their daughter, Juliet, the couple resides in Lompoc, just minutes away from the winery. When not crafting wine, Sashi can often still be found in the kitchen, indulging his love of food with the production of lavish, multi-course meals at tables surrounded by loved ones and laden with delicious wine.