Born and raised in the Northeast, Jennifer attended college and graduate school in New York and Massachusetts. After finishing her MBA, Jennifer worked in Financial Services, until her passion for wine led her to Operations and Brand Management in wine distribution. Her wine industry career has taken her from the East Coast to the West Coast, through MA, RI, CT, AZ, and WA. It was through her last position at Terroir Capital that she met Sashi Moorman and Rajat Parr, and eventually became partners with them at Evening Land, Domaine de la Côte, and Sandhi.

Today, Jennifer is a resident of Portland, Oregon and holds the position of Chief Operations Officer for Provignage. She works closely with the entire team, finding solutions through promoting best practices and supporting organizational cohesiveness. When she is not working, Jennifer enjoys the bounty of Oregon’s food, wine, and leisurely outdoor pursuits.