Amy Johnson, our Trade Sales Director, is responsible for the network of our wholesale distribution partners in the United States. After developing a passion for wine on a trip to France and Germany many years ago, she found a part-time gig at a wine shop, bailed out of the corporate world, and has never looked back. She got her start in the industry with a five-year tenure at Vin Chicago, one of the city’s best independent wine retail chains, and then had the great fortune of working in distribution for Tenzing Wine and Spirits until 2021.

Amy has worked with the Evening Land wines in some fashion since the beginning – as a retail customer, in a sales territory with a distributor, and finally, as the portfolio manager for the winery in Chicago. She joined the Evening Land team as Trade Director in June of 2021. When not working, Amy can be found cheering (often in vain) for the Chicago Cubs, cooking, working in the garden, and planning her next travel adventure. She lives in Chicago with her partner, Gina, and their dog, Willow. A Midwesterner through and through, Amy is a connoisseur of encased meats, Italian Beef, and thin-crust tavern-style pizza. She is proud and privileged to be part of the exceptional team at Evening Land.