Welcome Alyssa Vera

We are excited to introduce our Sales and Hospitality Associate, Alyssa Vera! Alyssa dove headfirst into the wine industry, working her way across wineries in Western Australia. She joins us after spending time at some notable wineries in the southern Willamette Valley and brings to Evening Land a unique and diverse perspective of the wine industry. Outgoing, friendly, and brimming with positivity and warmth, Alyssa has imbued our corner of the valley with great energy during this uncertain time. 

Alyssa was kind enough to indulge us in a game of '5 Questions' to help us get to know her.

Favorite Podcast

I'll Drink to That! with Levi Dalton

Last Great Meal

Quarantine Homemade Pizzas!

Last Great Wine

2018 Matthiasson Cabernet Franc, Cuvée Viticole

3 Words of Wisdom

Kill'em with Kindness

Dream Dinner Guest

Massimo Bottura (obviously he also cooks dinner in this dream)


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