Introducing Summum Pinot Noir!

Summum Pinot Noir is only made in the vintages we deem the very best – and the fact that we have not made this wine since 2009 speaks volumes about the quality of the 2019 vintage. Fruit for this wine comes from the same vines as our La Source Pinot Noir, though from a selective first passing from which only the best fruit is harvested.


Our team carefully analyzes each plant—including the amount of clusters that it bears, the health of its canopy, and beyond—to choose which clusters will ultimately find their way into this meticulously crafted cuvée.

Summum comes from north-facing fields,where there are lighter yields, rockier soils, and less canopy. 2019 presented such ideal conditions that the winemaking team went even more granular than usual, distinguishing among different clones within a plot of vines, harvesting different blocks separately and managing several, individual fermentations in the cellar.

This thoughtful, intentional selection means that the wine is produced in limited quantities. This year, Summum Pinot Noir is available in the Reserve Case and in a limited number of Magnums.