Behind the Scenes: Building a New Website

We shared some special news today about the forthcoming launch of our new Evening Land website. We did so with excitement and a collective sigh of relief, as it has been a long journey of identifying just how to convey our mission, our values, and our philosophies visually, and in tandem with (what we hope will become) a seamless and joyful user experience. 

The best part about the process has been working with some of our friends. We have worked with the talented creative team at Bimarian Films, to capture life -and nature- in motion at Seven Springs. We enlisted the design skills of San Francisco’s Vanessa Yap Einbund to help us develop an aesthetic and layout that will engage our community. Wine and Travel journalist Vicki Denig has helped us to tell our story eloquently. Last but most certainly not least, we’ve been working with the team at BLOOM to develop the new site to be modern, and optimized to create the best experience for our community. 

The inspiration for a new website sprouted from a feeling that we weren’t adequately telling the story - in written or in visual form - of this beautiful and enchanting place we have found in Seven Springs. Our initiative to build that story became even more vital during the last year when we haven’t been able to gather. We have been lucky to be able to soak up the stillness and raw beauty of this place during the past year, but more than anything, what we really want to do is share it with our friends. 

In addition, for many, the way we are enjoying wine is evolving, and we aim to evolve with the times and with our community. 

Foremost, this process has reminded us that our mission has never wavered. Just as we set out to do on day one, we aim to lift up Oregon wine by producing world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Seven Springs. 

With this website comes a new Wine Club, and we hope you’ll consider taking part in it. Community has never felt more precious. Let’s get together, by sharing in the wines virtually first, and hopefully gathering to enjoy them together soon.