All About Summum

A Latin word that translates to 'utmost', Summum represents the pinnacle of ambition at Evening Land. The aspiration is not simply to grow and craft a great Oregon wine. It is to craft Pinot Noir or Chardonnay that stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest wines in the world.


Summum Chardonnay and Summum Pinot Noir come from hyper-specific rows and even select vines at the Seven Springs Estate Vineyard. In what is arguably the very best terroir in the entire vineyard, fourteen rows of Chardonnay grow atop rocky volcanic soils at the perfect midpoint of the vineyard’s eastern slope. The promise of this small sliver of the vineyard was recognized by Burgundian legend Dominique Lafon and for fourteen vintages it has been farmed, harvested, and vinified with the utmost care to make Summum Chardonnay.

Summum Pinot Noir is truly a rarity. To date, the cuvée has only been bottled twice - 2009 & 2019. The intervening vintages offered ample opportunity, but a very good vintage is simply not enough to merit a Summum bottling. It comes down to the vines themselves. In the rocky and windy northwest corner of Seven Springs the vines must set the right amount of fruit, with ideal clusters - small and compact. Then in the winery, this possibility that began in the vineyard must prove itself, or more accurately, reveal itself as both exemplary and the ultimate expression of place.


Summum - both a name and a destination. It is in the striving that we draw closer to fulfilling the grand ambition that matches the name. If our Summum wines are not already a part of your cellar, we cordially invite you to visit our Summum Collection today.